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Summer 2023

Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans

Your kid’s more into anime than macramé. So, why not send them to a summer camp they’ll actually enjoy?

Art@TheFort summer camp encourages todays kids love of anime and comics. Let's turn your kid’s passion into a skill in graphic design.  In addition, our digital design workshops teach industry level  techniques to help land college scholarships. 


Hey we get it, you may be looking for a one stop shop for all your children. But really how often do you get to pin point the season your child develops a new skill. Go beyond arts and crafts this summer. Invest in your child’s future with Art@TheFort’s three week summer art camp!  Now accepting registration for June or July. 


Registration for summer 2023 begins February 25th 2023 seating is limited.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Artist Guild Member

    Every week
    ART Fortitude For the young artist seeking more than arts an
    • Drawing lessons with sketchbook and artist pencils
    • Morning lessons are realistic drawing half day 9:00 to 12:00
    • Artist Pencils
    • ProCare registration invite.
  • Artist Guild Digital

    Every week
    Novice graphic artist intro to advance digital techniques
    • Five on site live lessons
    • Live half day 9:00 to 12:00
    • Artist Digital Subscription Separate fee
    • Guild member
    • ProCare registration invite.
  • Full Day Art Camp

    Every week
    Artist add sketching and graphic software skills
    • Five in person on-site sessions
    • Sketchbook included for art sessions
    • $60.00 Software License Fee Paid Separately
    • Member Subscription to Artist Guild
    • ProCare registration invite.
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